Automated Estimating Software

for Snow and Ice Contractors

Time and Material Estimates for Snow Removal Jobs

Loaded with Production Factors for Accurately Estimating Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal Contractors need accurate time and material estimates to prepare bids for their jobs.

Go iLawn Snow InstantEstimator™ is an automated estimating software for snow and ice contractors. It comes loaded with a Template of standard measuring groups and services with SmartFactors™ to give you time and material estimates as you measure.

Services such as:

  • Sidewalk Clearing
  • Sidewalk Deicing
  • Truck Plow Parking
  • Parking Deicing
  • Parking Deicing Tailgate Spreader
  • Parking Lot Clearing – Backhoe Plow
  • Parking Lot Clearing – Wheel Loader Plow
  • Sidewalk Clearing Quad/Mechanized
  • Sidewalk Deicing Drop Spreader
  • Skid Steer Plow Parking

are included with industry-tested, proven production factors to allow for automated time and material estimates.

Fully Customizable for your Snow Removal Business

Go iLawn Snow InstantEstimator™ gives you a baseline production rate for each built-in service. Perform job costing to compare your estimates versus your performed work to see how your production rates compare.

You can adjust the production rate for any snow removal service, or add your own custom services and production rates, in order to fine-tune Go iLawn Snow InstantEstimator™ to reflect your crew speeds.

Changes apply to all new projects, so when you adjust your rate and measure a new property, your fine-tuned production factors are automatically applied to your measurements to give you even more accurate time and material estimates.

Impressive Sitemaps to Inform Your Client and Crews

Prepare your client and guide your crews with impressive, color-coded sitemaps. Estimators can draw arrows to indicate entry, exit, and plowing direction of trucks, indicate where snow piles will be dumped, add labels to the map, and more.

Not only will your client see the job to be done ahead of time, but your crews can ensure their safety and the safety of others with a thorough job plan.

Property Measuring Tools Designed to Make Your Life Easier

Go iLawn Snow Estimator™ combines aerial property images and precision measuring tools in one easy-to-use application. Snow and ice contractors users can measure parking lots and sidewalks, locate and mark building entrances, identify lot obstacles, and more.

Need to measure a property during a snow event? No problem! Our photos will deliver unobstructed leaf-off views, allowing you to see the bare pavement you need to measure – with no tree canopies or snow in the way.

With Go iLawn you can quickly and accurately:

  • Measure parking lot and sidewalk square footage
  • Measure linear distance
  • Count parking stalls, speed bumps, light poles, building entrances, drains, etc.
  • Identify & label parking lot obstacles
  • … and more!
How to measure a parking lot for snow removal

Perform Production Planning as you Measure

With rising costs of deicing materials, it’s important to know how much product you’ll need to properly service your clients and get you through the season.

Snow InstantEstimator™ allows you to assign services and equipment to measurements to help you calculate exactly how much product, how many crew members, and what type of equipment you need to get the job done.

  • Determine the correct amount of salt, sand, or liquid deicer needed for effective deicing.
  • Define what pieces of equipment will be needed and will be operable at any location (will you use a shovel or snow blower, bobcat or truck, plow or skid loader?)
  • Identify parking lot obstacles and possible hazards.
  • Isolate snow storage placement on the property.