Protect Your Profits

with Automated Estimating

InstantEstimator helps you win more bids in less time and prevent costly mistakes by delivering:

  • SPEED – Estimated time and materials compile automatically as you measure to help produce quality takeoffs in half the time.
  • ACCURACY – Gives you a predictable, standardized estimating system which is the foundation for producing consistently accurate estimates.
  • INSURANCE – Get “another set of eyes” or “second opinion” on your primary estimating method to protect you against errors.

We Believe Smarter Estimating Starts With Simplicity

So we designed Instant Estimator to automate the estimating process for accuracy, speed, and insurance.


Quality estimating begins with accurate measurements.  You get the best with Go iLawn measuring tools powering your estimate.


With measuring and estimating combined into a single step you’ll produce better estimates in 50% less time.


The Instant Estimator system provides a second set of eyes on your estimates and gives you confidence that nothing has slipped through the cracks.

See Your Estimate Happen As You Measure

Go iLawn Instant Estimator enhances your measuring process, giving you at-a-glance time and material estimates alongside your measurements.

  • The total estimated time for the job is displayed at the top and continuously updates as you measure.
  • Quickly scan your groups to see the services applied to them along with the linear distance, square footage, and cubic yards.
  • Simply click a group, start measuring and your estimate is already started!

Measuring Groups Just Got Smarter

Go iLawn has measuring groups. Instant Estimator makes them smarter. SmartGroups™ give you a fast and easy way to create a comprehensive estimate by assigning multiple services to a measuring group.

  • Simply open a group, click the service menu and select from the list of options.
  • Once you assign a service to the group it’s automatically removed as an option in the group’s menu.  It’s a smart way to prevent estimating duplication errors.
  • Services can use our rigourously tested, predesigned SmartFactor™ production rates.  Or create your own custom services and production rates.

SmartGroups™ also display the square footage and estimated time for each service.  So all the detailed numbers of the group you’re measuring are always in your view.

Optimize Your Estimate With SmartTuning™

Because no two jobs are alike, Go iLawn Instant Estimator simplifies and streamlines the process of adjusting your estimate.  The SmartTuning™ Complexity Slider lets you fine-tune your estimate by group to add or subtract time based on your unique situation.

You can also quickly adjust occurrences for each service and see instantly updated time and materials where applicable.

Customize job estimate production factors Complexity SmartSlider

Improve Your Company’s Estimating Efficiency

  • SmartTuning™ capabilities are built into all the services that power the Go iLawn Instant Estimator Engine.
  • The Global Service Efficiency Slider makes it easy to fine-tune the SmartFactor™ baseline production rate for each service.
  • You can continuously optimize and tune the efficiency of your entire estimating system based on your company’s evolving needs, capabilities, and crew performance.
Instant Estimating software Global Efficiency Slider adjusts to landscape crew speed

Export Your Instant Estimate

A one-click export of your Instant Estimate to Microsoft Excel lets you quickly embed your estimate in proposals.

  • Services are separated into categories that you can specify in your global settings.
  • Tabs isolate your measuring and estimating numbers for additional purposes.
  • Manipulate your data in Excel for additional flexibility.